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Red Hot Penny Shares

What's my secret to finding you the small shares that'll make you big profits in 12 months or less?


My name is Francois Joubert. I started out several years ago as a rookie private investor, embracing Benjamin Graham’s ‘value investing’ strategy. I soon discovered that though his 60 year teachings were still valid, they had to be adapted to suit our particular penny share market.

So, over the last few years, I have spent thousands of hours honing my own unique PowA! penny share screening system that today has personally yielded me winners 80% of the time.  So far, my PowA! penny share  system has delivered gains like 55% on Country Bird Holdings, 65% on Ellies, 59% on Wescoal and a fantastic 145% on old Mutual.

And all of these gains in less than a year!

I use my PowA! penny share  system to pinpoint winners for my progressive investment advisory letter, Red Hot Penny Shares.

Each month my readers get the inside scoop on my innovative small-cap company discoveries, long before they ever register a blip on the JSE’s radar. In short, I isolate little companies doubling profits... operating in multi-million rand industries... with little or no competition.

Companies destined to soar higher no matter what's happening with housing, the economy, or the share market.I track these companies in our PowA! Portfolio – it's the only portfolio of small-cap recommendations that solely tracks genuine business innovation.

Some recently closed winners include…

  • 66.67% Infrasors in 5 months
  • 94% Poynting in 3 months
  • 71.5% PBT Group in 10 months

*Results are through to Jan, 2012.

Red Hot Penny Shares readers have come to expect gains like these time and again:

"I have made about R35,000 over the past year on Red Hot Penny Shares  recommendations!"
- HB, Johannesburg

"I've made 114% profit over the last six months!"
- Arno van der Merwe, Auckland Park

“I started with a small investment of R20,000 and now it’s grown to R46,000 in 12 months just by following your tips and investing in Red Hot Penny Shares. Thank you."

And now you have the rare opportunity to join my Red Hot Penny Share's service and be among the first people to capitalise on the big wins from small shares listed in my PowA! Portfolio!

Keep in mind, timing these opportunities perfectly is critical. If you hesitate, you risk the chance of too many people getting in and share prices running up. You see, unlike ETFs, unit trusts and blue-chip shares, as volume on penny shares increases, shares can soar. But you don't have to worry about all of the details of how this strategy works, or the timing of when to make a trade – that's my job.

My research eliminates all the guesswork for you.

All you have to do is check your newsletter... Learn what I’m focused on... Decide if you want to follow my recommendations and how much you want to invest... And wait for the triple-digit gains to come in.

Then do it again... And again... And again!

You'll get full details on all the best penny shares to buy right now in your copy of The Hottest Shares to start your PowA! Portfolio - yours free, just for trying our research!