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Red Hot Penny Shares

Five Shares Set to Rocket in the next 12 months...

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opportunities of this year


You could make a fortune with these 5 potentially

explosive shares hand picked by our market expert. And

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Dear Reader,

Even now, after the past 18 roller coaster stock market months there is some serious money to be made – if you know the right people. I’m writing to you today to make you a very special offer. To invite you to start receiving some of the most powerful share tips being whispered in the stock market – and to discover why you don’t need loads of money to make money.

I’m going to show you how a R10,000 investment could turn into R1.48 million... How one single share purchase could make you thousands... and why you’ve got to start believing that all these things can happen to you!

You see, this invitation I’m making to you is not just about money. Sure, money is part of it and who doesn’t want to be wealthy? But it’s also about EXCITEMENT. The thrill of receiving ‘live’ share tips from those at the centre of the Stock Market and the heart of industry. The buzz you’ll get when you receive your first R20,000 from your stock broker. The excitement of watching your investment grow from a few hundred rands... to a multiple of thousands.

The stock market is like my Grandmother’s sewing basket – a tangled web of gossip, tip-offs and ‘a favour for a favour’. All over South Africa these young guys sit there in their expensive striped shirts and Gucci cufflinks – making phone calls to their mates saying ”Kumba heading north – bid rumour“, ”fill your boots with shares in Implats“, or “a quick couple of thousand in this one for you Charlie”. By the age of 30 they’ve already earned millions – and wasted most of it.

Now, I know these guys sound like a total nightmare, and the thought of them making all that money will probably make your blood boil, but... The truth is that they can be very useful to us. You see, the thing with these guys is that they have the extreme good fortune of being ‘well connected’ — privy to an effective grapevine of very profitable ’information’ which I’d like to share with you.
I’ve broken down the walls of privilege to help people on the outside make BIG MONEY from investing – and I’m writing to you today to invite you to join me. I want to share with you the dozens of share tips I uncover through my contacts and research. Tips that could put you miles ahead of ordinary investors.

I’d like to show you how you too could be making large sums of money - just as if you too were ‘in the loop’. To invite you into the world where you could make R10,000 from an investment of just R1,000... where a 50-100% profit is seen as ‘reasonable’... where champagne flows and where you don’t need to be a government official to get ‘gifts’ worth millions of rand, or take 30 overseas trips a year!
In short, my friend, I aim to help you make enough money to lead the kind of life you think you can only dream of.

And here’s a quick glimpse at how I’m going to do it:

The next time my friends spot a killing on the stock market, YOU could be investing with us too...

In December 2011, I recommended readers buy shares in Ellies - an electrical goods company.

“I’ve made 114% profit over 6 months.”

Arno van der Merwe, Auckland Park

As I predicted, the shares rose from 206c to 360c by April 2012, giving our readers a phenomenal gain of 74.76% in just four months.

I also highlighted a specialist computer services company whose shares were seriously undervalued: In just 10 months over 2012, PTB Group rose by an amazing 71.57% and I advised readers to sell. And you too, could have turned a R10,000 investment into R17,570!

And there was even more to come! Another of my top tips in the last 12 months closed in December 2012 issue and made readers an incredible 125.25% from DRD gold in under two years!

That, during the most volatile markets we've seen in 70 years.

In fact over the last twelve months, my readers have banked gains of 71.57%, 74.76%, 94.71 and 130.33% - all in the aftermath of the recession.

Indeed, sometimes it doesn’t even take long at all to see a fantastic gain on your investment. If you’d invested in Poynting - an electrical equipment company in November 2011 when I tipped it, you’d have made a 94.44% gain when we sold it just TWO months later in January 2012!


There’s nothing that irritates me more than people complaining about money - wishing they were richer, eating themselves up with jealousy over other peoples’ riches, moaning about their ‘poverty’, praying to win the lottery... Yet if they’d just get off their backsides and do something about it, any of these people could be as rich as they want to be.But that isn’t how it works.

Most people in this life are happy to plod on complacently,letting life happen to them. Yet it’s the gogetters in life who really get something from it. The people who take the initiative. The small percentage of the population who go that little bit further to seize opportunities and make their life special.

Masterminding your own wealth is no exception.The majority of people fail miserably here too. If only they knew how much those few thousand rands decaying away in a bank account could actually turn into... they might just be ENJOYING wealth instead of just dreaming about it.

And it isn’t as if it’s actually that difficult. Even the most average of stock market investing can make you over 18 times more money than a savings account - with statistics to prove it:

If you had invested R10,000 in a money market account in a bank 10 years ago, it would have been worth R23,900 (taking into account the average interest rates over the period, which to many extents is nonexistent due to all the charges you pay). The same R10,000 invested in the stock market, however, would have been worth R32,759!

You could have tripled your initial investment!

So you see, over the long-term, investing in shares is PROVEN to make you a heck of a lot more money than you’d ever get from your bank. In fact, a lot of shares you can invest in will pay you more just in dividends every year than the miserly 5.5% you’re probably getting from your savings account. And that’s on top of a potentially huge growth in capital.

And... just one more point (in case I still haven’t managed to rescue you from investment apathy)... don’t forget that that’s the Stock Market as a whole. The shares I’m telling you about today have the potential to make you many times more than the average.

That same R10,000 invested in the
Red Hot Penny Share PowA! Portfolio

back in January 2002 would be worth R534,246 in 2012!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be a winner!

What’s more, looking at our overall portfolio to date - that’s the whole open and closed portfolio since 2002, not just the top performers - the current average is at an excellent 25.6% - and that’s with a number of my tips still waiting to take off after one of the worst recessions we’ve seen in decades.

And that, you see, is what I can do for you. my research and contacts in high-tech industries, retail and financial services industries and in stock broking offices around SA can AND WILL help you make this kind of money. Every day I speak to senior traders at the top brokerage firms. Every day I hear industry info that can help me in my search for the real winners.

But the examples I’ve given you so far are old news. That’s not why I’m writing to you. I’m writing to tell you about dozens and dozens of similar opportunities that could come up at any moment. Every week I filter 20 to 30 company tip offs and rumours.  A few of them are duds. Most of them are passable. But one or two are DYNAMITE.

In fact, there are five amazing early tipoffs that I'd like to send to you immediately. Here's one of my favourites:

Free share tip no. 1

I believe this energy play could be the most exciting, explosive, potential-packed profit opportunity of 2012!

Ask any penny share fanatic, and I think they'll agree that nothing gets more thrilling than an energy play. They can be amongst the biggest gambles, but the oil, gas and coal exploration sector can also offer the most stunning profit potential.

That's why I think this first tip is so exciting…  Because not far from South Africa’s economic heartland there is a sleeping coal 'giant' – with a potentially staggering amount of recoverable coal… And the best part is… ONE tiny explorer holds exclusive licences to this area!

Given the global coal shortage and the fact that we now consume more coal than ever before, a whole new supply could bring in a hell of a lot of money for the company that manages to extract it - which is exactly the position this shrewd little penny stock could be in right now.

With its great mix of thermal and metallurgical coal reserves, it’s set to become Eskom’s key producer of thermal coal shipping Eskom 200,000 tons per month by the end of 2012.

But the clincher is the  export rights this little company has secured to export the extremely sought after metallurgical coal. Brazil, Russia, India and China have to import a total of 80% of their coal requirement and this is where this little company is perfectly positioned to profit.

Once this company starts producing coal from all of its mines (it's aiming for 2014) my calculations suggest this stunning opportunity has the potential to make you 200%.

2014 might seem far off, but I really urge you to get all the information on this stock NOW…

Because if everything runs as planned, you can bet that very soon everybody is going to want a piece of it!

I'll send you full details of this company - as well as four others just like it - as soon as you confirm acceptance of my RISK-FREE invitation. The sooner you let me know, the sooner I can get this information to you.

And that’s just the beginning. . .

You see, as I told you earlier, my contacts in the medical, high-tech and financial service industries just love to tell me about all the latest breakthroughs and developments. Breakthrough HIV treatments, anti-ageing pills, computers that can talk to you. They’re all in the pipeline. And when the cat’s out of the bag, I’m going to write to you and tell you about it. If there’s one thing I know every investor is hungry for the BIG ONE. And when I send one of them to you, you’ll really know what it feels like to win the lottery!

Have you ever had the feeling that you ought to be wealthier?

When you start getting out of the rat-race of just ‘getting by’ financially you suddenly realise that we’re talking about a totally different ballgame.

And believe me, some amazing things could quickly start happening to you. Imagine the thrill if a deposit of R20,000 appeared in your account from your stock broker? Perhaps you’d use three quarters of it to treat yourself. An overseas holiday perhaps. Then with the R5,000 left over you could invest in another share. And this, my friend is when things really start to happen... this is where we start to talk in terms of REALLY BIG PROFITS.





Here’s how one grain of rice turns into
9,223,372,036,854,780,000 – and how Penny Share
Profits can turn YOUR spare change into

a personal  fortune

Did you ever hear the story about the grain of rice on a chess board? (Skip two paragraphs if you have, keep keen if you haven’t.)

On the first square of the chess board you place a single grain of rice then slowly double it as you

“I have made about R35,000
over the past year all on
Red Hot recommendations"

- HB      

work your way across the board. So you get 2 grains in the second square, 4 in the third, 8 in the fourth and so on and so on.

Now, if a chess board has 64 squares on it, how much rice do you think you’d have by the end? A few thousand? A few hundred thousand?

In fact, you’d actually have an incredible 9,223,372,036,854,780,000 – that’s a brain-busting nine million two hundred and twenty three thousand three hundred and seventy-two TRILLION, thirty six billion, eight hundred and fifty four million and seven hundred and eighty thousand!

And... just as that simple doubling action made enough rice to feed the entire population of China, so a doubling action could one day even turn you into a millionaire:

Here’s how you could turn R10,000 into R1,483,073 with just five squares of the chess board!

Hold your breath for a second and take a look at this:
#1: R10,000 invested in African Dawn in 2005 would have turned into R121,756 just two years later after a 1117.65% mega-gain.

#2: That R121,756 invested in IPSA in February 2007 would have turned into R123,524 after a 83.57% gain in 2008.

#3: Then, if you’d put that into Pinnacle Holdings, you’d have turned your R123,524 into R491,524 by September 2010.

#4: Then, if you’d put all your gains into Ansys in Janaury 2011, you’d have turned your R491,524 into an amazing R762,741 - just ONE month later!

#5: Then, if you’d invested your Ansys gains into Poynting in October 2011, you’d have turned your inital R10 000 into a whopping R1,483,073 after Poynting shot up by an impressive 94,44%!

Incredible isn’t it? And that’s just five squares of our chessboard.

Sure, the examples I’ve given you are particularly good ones and you’d be extremely lucky to make that kind of money! But it does illustrate my point – that it is actually quite possible to make vast sums of money.

Investing in Penny Shares is so exciting and so easy, you can start making money IMMEDIATELY!  

Let me tell you a little something about the months you have ahead of you.

You see, I don’t mind admitting that I’m addicted to the buzz I get out of Penny Share investing. (Remember when I talk about ‘Penny Shares’, I mean shares under R10) And believe me, it’s not just Sure, having enough to buy whatever you want is a luxury and I know you’d get a real kick out of making your first one hundred thousand (that’s a special moment). But it’s not just about the cars and the houses you can buy. Jewellery. Fancy cigars. Exotic holidays.

For me it’s about the thrill. Nothing makes me happier in life than that moment when I just know I’ve found a winner. There’s nothing to get me out of bed in the morning like the smell of a company that could make an awful lot of money.

And that’s part of what I want to share with you. I want you to know the thrill of looking through the Business Report and discovering that the shares you bought six months ago have suddenly doubled in value. I want you to feel that raising of the heart beat, the slightly sticky palms, the all-over tremour you get when you realise that you’re staring eye to eye with a company that could be a BIG ONE.

And that’s why I’m sending you this invitation today. That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to discover – with your own eyes – just how much money Penny Shares can make for you.

You see, often when I tell people about the magic of Penny Share investing, I don’t think they actually believe me. There seems to be some kind of cynicism among people that makes them unable to believe that something so good can actually be true.

And this is what I want to get across to you. I want you to see that making the kind of money I’m talking about is possible and that investing in Penny Shares really can change your life.

That’s why I’ve chosen YOU to receive a RISK-FREE trial copy of my personal monthly share-alert letter, – as well as a ridiculously low subscription fee.

In fact, here’s a better deal still: Take the first three issues with zero risk – with my 3 Month Money-Back Guarantee. Each month I’ll write to you about the very hottest share tips on the stock market. Then, without actually buying the shares, you can chart their progress yourself and sit back and WATCH those share prices climb.

If you're not 100% satisfied after receiving your first three issues and free gifts, then can cancel within three months for a REFUND of your subscription. And if, for whatever reason at any time you wish to cancel after the 3 month money-back period, simply write to me and I’ll cancel your subscription. Your free gifts and past issues will be yours to keep!

Sure, I could just tell you about how much money you could make. And I hope that you’d at least try and believe me. But – when it really comes down to it – nothing beats actually SEEING the truth for yourself.  



In the last year, the stock market has been in turmoil. There have never been as many bargains on the JSE as there are today...

It’s only a matter of time before they play catch up. When it happens, the run will be fast and furious! This is good news for you. It means there are great opportunities for you to get in on these “blue chips of the future” while they’re at rock bottom prices.

And once these shares begin to rocket, mainstream investors will recognise their value and pump money into them. And the more liquidity they have, the better the growth potential of the shares we select. As a penny share investor, you’ll be at the forefront of this drive. I’ve stayed invested in the market throughout the recession and seen my personal portfolio increase eightfold over the last three years -I have the experience and the contacts in the sector to ensure you’re the first to know about all the new developments that affect your investments.These are exciting times indeed for small-cap investors!

In fact, there are five shares in particular that I can't wait to tell you about. They all have absolutely ENORMOUS growth potential and firmly established foundations, yet still haven't been jumped upon by the rampaging herd.

So, if making money from Penny Shares is so easy,   how come EVERYBODY’s not doing it?

You see, the truth of the matter is that making money out of Penny Shares is actually extremely difficult. After all, why do you think you can buy these shares for less than R10? It’s because in 90% of the cases they simply aren’t worth any more than that. (Which is what makes that 10% that are worth it, so wonderfully profitable.)

Now, if you invest in the Stock Market in general (let’s say in an All Share Index tracker fund for example), you know that in the long run you’re in for some not bad profits – at least compared to what you’d get from a bank.

If you had invested R1,000 in a savings account in a bank 10 years ago, it would have been worth around R14,900. The same R1,000 invested in the stock market, however, would have been worth R23,759!

But that, my friend, is just tiddlywinks. If you had invested R25,000 in the money market back in 2002, your investment would have been worth R81,897 today... But, if you had invested in Red Hot Penny Shares tips from January 2002 and held on to your investment for 10 years, you would have made R525,246 by 2012 - that's a a staggering 5,254% return on your money.

Don't believe me...?

Just check out the graph below or even better simply request our call centre to send you a copy of our closed portfolio since inception!

Over a 10 year period the Red Hot Penny Shares PowA! Portfolio has outperformed the All Share by 15 times over and the Money Market by a phenomenal 21 times!

And now here’s the really exciting bit. You see, while the smallest companies on the Stock Market outperform the larger ones it’s only a small handful of those tiny shares that pull up that figure.

A large number of the Penny Shares on the market are failing companies that are on their way out.

They’re so cheap because nobody wants to buy them. The majority of the others are enthusiastic new start-up companies that probably haven’t got what it takes to survive.

Now while I’m the first to admit that the entrepreneurial spirit is brilliant, the sad news is that a large percentage of businesses fail. Which is why the hours and hours of analysis that I do is SO CRUCIAL.

And why so many investors in Penny Shares actually end up losing money.

I won’t tip a share unless I’m convinced
it’s a sure-fire grower

This, my friend, is where the hard work comes in. But the crazy thing is I love it!

You see, while all those contacts I told you about are brilliant and I have enormous respect for all of them (just in case they’re reading this), a lot of the tip-offs they give me are just rumours.

They’re based on a bit of gossip, a single piece of information. And they’re not backed up by thorough analysis.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to offer you a warning: Please be careful about investing in any share tips you read in magazines or newspapers. While you do get some excellent people writing in the share columns a lot of these ‘tipsters’ are just rumour reliant journalists who love to be wined and dined by companies trying to promote favourable press coverage for themselves. So many times I’ve seen a journalist tip a share on the strength of the same rumours I’ve heard. And sure, on the surface it does look like a good opportunity – until you start digging deeper...

So what do I do that's different?

Well, the main thing is that I only believe in investing in companies that really have the true ability to grow into successful companies — and I use a stringent series of tests to ensure that every company I research really does have what it takes.
Some of those stock market rumours are started by the company’s own PR company, or by a highly inflated profit prediction they’ve published thanks to some dodgy book-keeping.


- Warren Buffett

Now, I’m not denying that if you get your timing right then you can make a very tidy profit from this kind of tip-off. In fact, with this kind of rumour, a company’s share price can sometimes even double in value in a matter of a day or two. BUT, because that rise was not based on the company’s true value, the share price could later go DOWN just as easily. And I don’t want you to be taking that kind of risk with your money.

Did you ever learn at school about the way they filter water? You know – big rocks on the top, then different layers of stones getting smaller and smaller until down at the bottom you’ve got this layer of really fine sand and the water comes out from it totally clean, pure and wonderful – one tiny precious drop at a time. Well, the system I have for shares is very similar to this.

The system I've developed is not about gambling...

It’s not about taking risks. It’s about finding those few small companies listed on the stock market that have the true potential to grow from strength to strength. The companies that can keep on making us money – year after year after year, both through rocketing share price and regular dividend payments.

And if you’re looking for a company like that then you HAVE to be prepared to do a lot of ground work. Receiving share tips from my contacts is the easy part. After that, a share has to go through my entire ultrafiltration system before it can even dream of becoming a recommendation. I have to be convinced that this company has no weaknesses, that there’s nothing dodgy or fishy about the way they do their business, that their finances are perfect and that there’s only one direction this company can possibly be going (UP, UP, UP and all the time putting money in our pockets!).

In fact, the analysis filters I put a company through are so numerous and potentially boring for you

“Without it I would not have the courage to invest. RHP gives me the confidence to know the companies I invest in have been well researched – something I would not know how to do on my own.”

Lynne Cornfield, Johannesburg

that I couldn’t possibly go into them all here. I’ll be sending you a whole run-down of my entire criteria – just in case you’re a bit of a sharespotter who’s actually really fascinated by this stuff – as part of the RISK-FREE subscription that you can claim on the order form. In the meantime, I can’t resist just giving you a little taster of just a few of my filters:

1. No private jets or PROVEN LOSERS:

Normally the very first thing I look into in a company is the people at the top. Really good management is like absolute gold dust and when you come across a company that has it, you’ll recognise it immediately.

Possibly more important, however, is to screen out any BAD management. Many companies have been in the news headlines for losing billions of rands due to bad management. I also want to know whether a manager owns shares in his own company (bad news if he doesn’t, excellent news if he’s buying)... whether he’s had a good track record in the past... and whether he’s been topping up his salary ‘through the back door’ so to speak.

I once discovered a bunch of company directors who had organised a payout to themselves should the share price rise to the detriment of the shareholder.

2. Refuse to see the world through wine-tinted spectacles:

Once upon a time all investors were talking about this asset management firm Bernard L. Maddoff Investment Securities.

All the journalists and stockbrokers had been wined and dined and wowed by the success stories and shown stunning profit growth figures. Except me.

Soon after, I read in the newspaper dealings around this had spiralled into one of the largest commercial crimes cases in US history. Maddoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison and $170bn in restitution.

Well, a lot of people have lost a lot of money because they were not properly informed and were seduced by the hype.

Which is why... along with the share tips I’ll be sending you every month, I’ll also be sending you warnings of any shares you should actually sell. So if you do succumb and invest in that irresistible share tip touted in the newspapers, I’ll be there to help you get out if you’re investing in a bloomer. And the only ones not crying will be Red Hot investors.

3. A world-conquering product or service that will become a household name – like Nestle, Shell, Volkswagen or Pick ’n Pay

One of the main things I’m looking for in a company is a product or service that has a HUGE, HUGE market ahead of it: A new chain of stores that could one day have a shop in every mall. A breakthrough technology that could end up in every home in SA. A delicious chocolate bar that actually makes you grow thinner...

Remember, the beauty of the perfect Penny Share is that it has room for expansion. It’s like a tiny acorn that’s going to grow into an oak tree... the little snowball that you can roll into a huge snowman.

4. Gut reactions and fountains in the courtyard

The fine fine sand of my ultrafiltration system comes in the form of a face to face meeting with the company. If they can pass their way down through all the rocks and stones at the top then it’s time for me to put my shoes on and pay a visit. This is where I actually go and have a man to man chat with the person at the top – the Chairman, ‘CEO’, the MD, the Big Cheese, or whatever it is they want to call themselves.

Ultimately there is nothing scientific about these meetings. Just a gut instinct about whether you trust the guy. Whether he is consistent in what he says. Whether or not he has a vision or that special kind of energy that shines out of people who’ve really got that extra something. I’m also looking out for staff motivation, a general feeling of positive expansion and any giveaway signs such as costly works of art or fancy fountains in the courtyard. Any kinds of unnecessary trimmings are a sure sign that profits are going into the wrong places – i.e. massaging the Director’s ego instead of lining the share owners’ pockets.

5. The crucial ‘number crunching’

Now, you don’t have to agree with me (and some of you will and some of you won’t) but the truth of the matter is that getting up to your elbows in a company’s finances and all the share price ratios is really fascinating. And if it is something you’re interested in then this is certainly something we can look into together in the future.

Take PEs and PEGs for example.

The PE ratio (Price/Earnings) is a very quick and clever way of calculating whether a share actually has value at the price it’s currently listed at – the price of the share being divided by the company’s net profit per share listed. The PEG ratio goes one step further – dividing that figure by the rate at which earnings will grow in the future. And that, my friend, is the nuts and bolts I’m after – because what I’m looking for are shares that are growing – growing, growing, growing!

For a share to get through my ultrafiltration system it cannot (normally) have a PEG number higher than 1.5. Now, that may sound a bit rigid to you, but let me ask you this: Would you pay R50 for a share that’s going to make you only R5 over the next 10 years? NO! You certainly wouldn’t. The kind of shares we’re looking for are the ones that cost R5 and are going to make you R50. And that’s exactly what the PEG ratio can help you determine.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the feeling I get when I’m sitting down at my desk at three o’clock in the morning and I suddenly realise that this brilliant company I’ve been looking into is actually selling at a complete and utter bargain discount. And I hope that very, very soon you’ll be sharing that excitement with me – along with all the thousands that could come flowing into your bank account!

You see, not only does this mean that I’ve found you a bargain. It also means that the company is undiscovered. Research departments for corporate investors tend to be quite slow in looking into these ‘small fry’ companies and in fact, often rely on independent analysts like myself to do the leg work for them. (By hook or by crook they eventually seem to get hold of these share tips.) But that’s excellent news for us. Because when they do finally get round to snapping up shares in these companies, the share price will ROCKET... all the way to the Moon. And that my friend is when you get very wealthy...

Free share tip no. 2

Catch a 115% gain as this company cashes in on a gap its
competitors completely missed!

This small property development company is about to strike it rich!

Last year saw its revenue shoot up from R281 million to R514 million!

That’s almost double its turnover in just 12 months – virtually unheard of in our current market for any type of business, let alone the construction sector.

Even better, the company’s profits grew by 280%!

And with R7,047 billion worth of construction projects already on confirmed on its books, this stellar growth is set continue.

In fact, my Profit Potential Indicator predicts that that this company’s share price will shoot up another 115% in the next 15 months!

Now imagine what’s possible with R10,000?

You could turn a R10,000 investment into R21,500 in 15 months!

And with R50,000, you could make R107,500!!!

To make sure you’re in for the ride, claim your free report – The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio – now.

Inside, you’ll get every detail about this company plus three more!.

Free share tip no. 3

Here’s how to double your money this year by buying the

most hated sector on the market

Few stocks have been more vilified than those in the out-of-favour construction sector. However, the first signs of life in this sector are beginning to appear. And I’ve found a unique way for you to play this hidden rally.

This company produces essential steel products like palisades burglar bars and gates as well as paint ladders and fireplaces. You name it, they produce everything you need to complete your newly built home.

Right now this company is selling at a whopping 50% discount so there’s no better time to jump in as the residential construction sector recovery surges forward and ride this recovery stock all the way to 128% gains in 14 months!

Free share tip no. 4

Here’s your chance to pocket a 61% gain in 12 months as this

company grows Africa’s bread basket

Zambia isn’t called the breadbasket of Africa for nothing. It has some of the most fertile soil, a great climate and loads of opportunity!

It’s perfectly placed to provide the rest of Africa with the food it needs.

And being underdeveloped, but eager for economic growth makes Zambia the ideal investment opportunity!

And I’ve found a South African company that stands to profit from Zambia’s growth.  What this company does is supply Zambian farmers what they cannot do without – And that’s the seeds required to grow the crops.

Because of the Zambian government’s desire to position itself as the largest agricultural force in Africa, this little company’s share price is set to grow by at least 63% in the next 12 months.

Expect a 61% return in the next 12 months as the dealmaker of the decade works his magic.

I’ll send you all the details of exactly who this man and his company is when you accept my invitation below!

Free share tip no. 5

Here’s how a bakkie and a horse named Beau Art turned

R28,000 into a billion rand business…

I’m sure you’ve seen this picture more than once on the road near your house: A busted up Toyota bakkie, overloaded with electrical cables and building supplies.

Considering how flimsy some of the bakkies look, I’ve wondered many times how these entrepreneurs even manage to deliver their payloads…

But today, I’ve found a man that’s managed to turn his 1980 bakkie into a business worth a billion rand, with the help of a horse named Beau Art.

This business is about to go into high gear – don’t miss your chance to jump in for a 71% return in the next 15 months!

Your Red Hot Penny Shares introduction kit will turn you into a bona fide share expert – and you can claim it RISK-FREE!

Red Hot Penny Shares is a project I’m very proud of and I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to receive this RISK-FREE Membership.

Penny Share investing is an absolute passion and nothing makes me happier than sharing that with you. Call it a hobby. Call it madness. Call it one big ego trip. It’s just that giving people share tips is what makes me tick in life. I just love the thrill of striking gold, passing the discovery onto friends, then watching the share tip soar.

Perhaps it’s all to do with power? Or maybe it’s a case of ‘I told you so’? To be honest - do you care? If it means that you get wealthy, then I know you won’t be complaining.

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As you’ve probably already discovered, the official full subscription fee for this unique new service is actually being offered at the very reasonable price of just R1,570 per year. A very reasonable price indeed when you consider that the investment industry probably takes an even greater slice of your money (through various charges, running costs, advertising costs taken out of the profit of the overall fund to name but a few) every time you invest in one of their little unit trusts, pensions or endowments that almost seem designed to help them make money out of you - rather than to help you get wealthy.

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Here’s what you’ll get in your RISK-FREE
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? Red Hot Penny Shares monthly issues. Even if you are not ready to invest yet, you can “paper trade these shares at no risk and find out for yourself if my recommendations really do produce massive gains.
? The Hottest Shares to Start Your PowA! Portfolio. Wonder shares can double in a matter of months or less. How? There’s something explosive about their businesses that can lead to some sudden extraordinary breakthrough that can spell immense profits practically overnight. The share shoots up, often multiplying the wealth of its owner many, many times. What kind of companies are these? Their products could go through the roof – and their shares! This report holds the full details of these extra-special share opportunities I’ve unearthed. I’m talking about companies that come along once every blue moon that get tipsters like me hot under the collar. You will be too, once you set your eyes on the gems lined up for you. This portfolio is valued at R1,000 – peanuts when you consider that I’m expecting it to bring you profits of at least 100%.
? The Investor's Toolkit. Buying and selling shares is a hugely exciting activity, but one that seems to be highly misunderstood by the public in general. While it’s much easier than you’d ever imagined, trading in shares seems to have the image of high-flying traders best portrayed in Hollywood-style movies. Consequently, a lot of people shy away from taking the plunge into starting a share portfolio, because they find it a little frightening and even intimidating. They also fear that it’s complicated, or they worry that there’s something that they’re not aware of. However, the reality is that it’s actually very simple and there’s very little to it, as you’ll see with this essential and extremely handy guide. This booklet is designed as a step-by-step guide for new stock market investors. It will arm you with all the information you need to make your first investments quickly and easily.

? How To Make Big Money In The Exciting World Of Penny Shares. Any fool can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple rules and taking advice from the right quarters, you can make SERIOUS amounts of money. The aim of this booklet is to guide you towards those serious rewards. Remember that there is a significant difference between a gambling-type share purchase and creating wealth over time through proper share selection. This manual – available only to our readers – will quickly give you a grasp on the essential tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, free cash flow, and more. Plus, it reveals many of the secrets behind our highly profitable share trading system.

? FREE Weekly Email Alert Service. This is your guarantee that you won’t miss a single thing. Your Alerts bring you the latest updates on current share selections, up-to-the-minute analysis on emerging shares, the latest and best penny shares that can return enormous gains faster than you ever imagined – everything you need to know to quickly act on to make money immediately.
? FREE Email Subscription to MoneyMorning. Your FREE MoneyMorning online advisory will help you beat the markets and stay on the path to financial independence. Daily, our experts uncover hidden market indicators, time-tested investing techniques and current emerging trends. You get action-oriented, reliable advice that will make you a smarter investor – fast.

You have nothing to lose – but a wealth of proven, effective investment secrets to gain. You can begin your FREE subscription to MoneyMorning E-letter by entering your email address on the order form.

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? The Best Brokers on the Market – Yours ONLY If You Act Promptly! Your average broker doesn’t have a clue how to properly buy penny shares. Remember, brokers would rather have you buy high-priced shares so they pocket bigger commissions. That’s nonsense! We’ve located brokers who do an excellent job – and they do it cheaply.

Wow! Now that I’ve sat down and written it all up it does seem like an awful lot to be giving away as a risk-free membership offer. My only worry is that you might even be thinking that it’s just a little too good to be true and that there must be a catch in there. But let me assure you that there is no catch. I’m adamant that you receive every single gift on that list and that you at least be given the chance to discover what this kind of investing can do for you.

You’ve a limited time to spend in this life and I’m of the opinion that you should make the most of it. Why settle for just getting by on your monthly salary, unit trusts and pensions when you could have the chance to take part in a totally different ball game? When you could have the chance to enjoy the exciting world of penny share investing and enjoy all the limitless wealth that you could stand to make from it.

And that, my friend, is the message I’m going to leave you with.

Here's to unleashing real value,

Francois Joubert
Chief Investment Strategist, Red Hot Penny Shares

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